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JVG Steel Door Frames

The computerised roll-forming process that JV Global Limited utilise to produce Steel Door Frames is unique and enables the production of ONE STEEL DOOR FRAME EVERY MINUTE or 450 Welded Frames per 8 hour shift which equates to 11,700 frames per month based upon a 26 day working month or 140,400 frames per annum. Obviously if the machine was working two eight hour shifts per day monthly production would be 23,400 frames or 280,800 frames annually.

Steel Door Frames can be produced in a cost efficient manner compared to traditional wooden door frames and this coupled with the fact that Steel Door Frames Do Not Twist or Warp, Remain Perfectly True and Square, Are Not Subject To Termite Infestation, and Are Structurally Load Bearing is ensuring rapid market acceptance of the Steel Door Frame within the building industry.

The roll-forming production line is also able to produce steel window frames providing we do not alter the profile (design) however this is dependant upon the type of window that is acceptable in your market place.

Within the West Australian market place the Steel Door Frame has revolutionised the building and construction industry. Builders, developers, architects and local government authorities now recognise the many benefits to be gained utilising steel door frames in the construction process.

A steel door frame can be produced by modern machinery with a minimal amount of labour required in a full production line. Once a factory has been established steel door frames can be produced continuously. (24 hours a day if required) The opportunity now exists for operators to take this proven and tested technology to new, untapped markets throughout the world.

Click HERE for a JVG Steel Door Frame Project Fact Sheet

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