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JVG Steel Framed Housing
JV Global Limited utilises a computer-controlled roll-forming machine for its steel framed housing system. The combination of the roll-forming machine and the steel framing system offers distinct competitive advantages to manufacturers of steel frames for housing, commercial buildings, internal walling, trusses and the steel fabrication market.

The JV Global Limited roll-formers will significantly widen the builder's sales horizon. They can produce simple, economical structures, and yet are flexible enough to provide frames quickly from the most sophisticated plans.

In most cases, if a light frame structure can be designed, the roll-former can frame it. Customers are not restricted in their choice of cladding materials: anything from concrete-board, tile, plaster-board, timber, brick, brick-veneer, even bamboo can be used.

The backbone of the roll-former is its computer and software, which ensures high-tech precision at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Computer-monitored production means dimensional tolerances are kept to 0.5mm. Computerised cutting means savings in materials. Each length is cut exactly, thus avoiding the wastage with other systems.

As well as production, the system is designed for estimating materials and labour usage. An accurate quotation can be prepared within a very short time, so estimating costs are minimised.

The JV Global Limited system produces unique dimples with pre-punched holes for riveting. The dimpling process increases rivet strength by 15% and makes assembly simpler and cheaper, either on-site or in the factory.

The system consists of:-
  • The roll-forming machine
  • Jigs and ancillary equipment
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Frame concepts and design ideas, and is supplemented by:-

  • Full training for designers, drafting teams and factory supervisors
  • Provision of consultancy and supervision program
  • Design modules tailored to specific needs
  • Roll-formers to manufacture two (2) different truss profiles are also available depending on the end use.
  • A small profile truss for low cost housing spanning up to nine (9) metres
  • A strong plate profile for large spans of up to sixteen (16) metres

International users of the JV Global Limited roll-forming system are assisted by the company with on-going product development.

Click HERE for a JVG Steel Framed Housing System Project Fact Sheet

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