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JVG Interlocking Bricks

JV Global Limited manufacture, a series of machines, designed to produce the JVG Interlocking Brick. The machinery is designed as a vibration and compaction multi ejection hydraulic press and can be operated as either portable or fixed machinery with production capacity ranging from 1000 - 2500 blocks per day.

The design of the machines together with our unique formula used in production means that the blocks & bricks are stronger than any other comparable products with the double cavity block having 3 main support walls.

Additionally, the double cavity block offers both a waterproof protection and a natural cooling process as air rises naturally up through the cavity. The standard block contains a 50mm cavity to carry plumbing services and electrical wiring.

The JVG Formula utilises 'fly-ash' or 'coke-breeze' which is primarily a waste product from the burning of coal. This product is extremely cheap and has the added benefit of contributing to the issuance of 'carbon credits' which can subsequently be on-sold. Alternatively, conventional local materials can be used for manufacture.

The tongue and grooves or pegs formed in the blocks assist with speed and accuracy in laying as well as providing additional strength. One of the great advantages in the JVG Interlocking Brick is where unskilled labour is in short supply or unavailable. Our system allows blocks to be laid by unskilled trades-persons.

The JVG Interlocking Brick Machines can be manufactured to produce blocks in a range of different sizes to cater for all building needs.

Click HERE for a JVG Interlocking Bricks Project Fact Sheet

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