Things to Look Out for While Choosing a Garage for your Car

Entrusting a car mechanic to service your car in a garage takes a grand gesture of trust. Granted today several garages provide unqualified services, you have to take all the time to research for the best garages before resolving. If you do not do so, you will be disappointed by those who do a mediocre job or those who leave grand errors that will lead you to more costs. The following is a must-have criterion to guide you in the process of garage selection so that it can be easier for you to know what you are looking for.


Experience is the best teacher, so they say. Looking for experienced garage operators is the most obvious thing for most car owners, but there should be more! A garage might exist for more years but getting it all wrong. It is another thing for a garage to have been operational for more years and offering great services to their clients. Another fact to note is that the number of years in operation doesn’t equate to a great establishment. A garage might be young but rich with experienced staff. You will have more confidence in a mechanic who has been in the trade for more years, and you can trust he knows what he’s doing with your baby!


Good recommendations are worth the tales. They might lead you to fewer hassles and save you from common mistakes done to cars in many garages. Anyhow, you trust your friends, don’t you? Never underestimate recommendations. Although not every experience is the same for everyone, you still have to dig further to know more. But give a shortlist to recommended garages.

Online reviews

If you find that recommendations from family members and friends are not sufficient, you can get further into online reviews and see what other clients have to say. Look for car servicing centers with high star-rating and without negative reviews. Pay attention to consumer reviews because they give independent reviews and without favours. If they are not satisfied, they tell it as is, and can save you from having a sorrowful tale of your own.

Fair prices

Cheap prices might raise questions regarding the quality, while the high price for a service is being wasteful when you can get the same services for a lower price. You must look for great services at fair prices. What to do is compare a list of garage’s prices and the one that is fair becomes the right choice for your car.

Organisation and tidiness

It tells a lot if a garage is well organised and tidy with all the grease and used oil they have to deal with. Although it is rather impractical to find a spotless garage, a garage must maintain cleanliness and orderliness to avoid being filthy or messy. You are certain that you won’t lose some parts of your car or have the wrong parts in the wrong places if you deal with an organised and clean garage. You also feel some comfort while your car is serviced.

Relevant certifications from governing bodies

A garage with relevant certifications means they meet all the regulations required of a garage before beginning operations. Having relevant certifications and professional certificates for the servicemen guarantees you are dealing with a legit garage. Ask to peruse through these certifications before entrusting them with your valuable investment.